Sherwood Montessori Parents' Committee (SMPO)

The Sherwood Montessori Parent Organization or "SMPO" provides parents with an avenue to effective participation in the school's operations.


All parents at Sherwood are de facto members of the SMPO. Active membership is encouraged and achieved by attending regularly scheduled SMPO meetings or through regular volunteerism. By attending SMPO meetings or reading the meeting minutes, parents can learn more about how to get involved in the school and earn volunteer hours.


Each family is encouraged to perform a minimum of 50 hours of involvement for the school each academic year. Part of these hours may be filled by attending school performances, attending Back to School Night and participating in other school functions.


At the beginning of the school year, parents will be asked to fill out a “Parent Involvement Questionnaire” to help identify areas of interest and expertise that may benefit the school. The Sherwood Montessori Parent Organization (SMPO) will help connect parents with volunteer opportunities and track volunteering hours.


SMPO email:

Current SMPO Officers: (2017-2018 school year)


President:  Romie Steffenson

Vice-President: Kelli Kurth
Secretary:  Russell "Downtyme" Shapiro


Getting Involved & Tracking Your Volunteer Hours

We are excited to announce that you can now log your volunteer hours using our online tool. Our school has invested in a premium account with, which was formerly


We hope this site will serve as a great "one-stop-shop" for all things volunteer related. If you are a room parent or a teacher, we're hoping you will use this tool to support our teachers in finding help for whatever they may need.


Click this link to log your volunteer hours.  If you signed up to volunteer at an event through, then your hours will automatically be logged.  Otherwise you can use this link every time you have hours to report. If you sign up for a set amount of hours through another signup, there's no need to record them in the "Volunteer Hours Reporting" signup. All signups through our school are linked, and you will get credit each time you sign up *for a set amount of time. If you sign up for an activity where there is no time assigned, or if you exceed the amount of time you originally signed up for on an activity, you can add hours via the "Volunteer Hours Reporting" signup.


SMPO Minutes 3-8-2016
Adobe Acrobat document [103.2 KB]
SMPO Minutes 2-9-2016
SMPO Minutes FEB.pdf
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SMPO Minutes 1-12-2016
1-12-2016_SMPO_Minutes (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [99.4 KB]
SMPO Minutes 11-10-2015
11-10-2015_SMPO_Minutes (3).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [80.2 KB]
SMPO Minutes 10-13-2015
10-13-2015_SMPO_Minutes (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [72.1 KB]
SMPO Minutes 8-12-2015
8-12-2015_SMPO_Minutes (1).pdf
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