Articles and Links for more Information

From this page, you can access articles on the Montessori Method--including Reggio Emilio--and other educational topics.  The articles are either in the public domain, retrieved from other websites, or written by members of the Sherwood Montessori Board of Directors.  As this school is a community effort, we encourage you to suggest additional articles and links to add to the website.  Contact the board to suggest new items.

“The Times, They Have a-Changed: An Integral Perspective of the Montessori Method in the 21st Century by James Wheal (Misty Mountain Montessori Educational Centre).
This article discusses Mr. Wheal’s views on how the Montessori method can change to accommodate new students and learning philosophies.
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"Fine designs" from Italy: Montessori education and the Reggio Emilia approach by Carolyn Pope Edwards (published in Montessori Life, Winter 2003 ).
A short article that discusses the Reggio approach within the context of the Montessori Method.
Fine designs_ from Italy.pdf
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“Learning English as a Second Language” by Vivienne Singelis.
This article addresses how the Montessori method addresses English learners.
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"How Montessori Teachers in the U.S. Address Culturally Responsive Teaching" by Michelle Yezbick
Written by our Director, this paper won the American Montessori Society's Outstanding Master's Thesis Award in 2008.
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The link below will take you to the website which has list of current academic and popular writing on Montessori.  The list also includes links to podcasts and book reviews.