Committees of the Board

Much of the Board's work is done at the Committee level and parents are encouraged to get involved in a committee that speaks to your interests.  (And yes, time spent on committee work most certainly counts towards your volunteer hours!)  Committees typically meet monthly at a time that works for the core members of the committee.  BOD committees are small groups consisting of 2-3 board members and typically includes teachers, parents, or administrative staff. You are encouraged to participate -- the more the folks involved, the better for our school.


Committee Reports will be included in monthly Board Agenda Packets (available on the Board of Directors page), and will be discussed during the Board meetings. 


For general questions about the Board or to view meeting agendas or meeting minutes, please visit the website at or email the board chair at



2016-17 Board Committees & Goals

Board Committees 2016-17 (as of 9/21/16)
This document lists each of our Board Committees and provides some basic info such as committee members, purpose, goals and projects.
Adobe Acrobat document [207.0 KB]

Your Sherwood Board of Directors met on September 10, 2016 to discuss the top priorities for our school year. During our 4-hour planning meeting we landed on the following top priorities:


1. Safety

2. Charter Renewal & Facilities Use Agreement 

  • Our Charter us up for renewal by CUSD this year. 
  • We will also need to submit a request to the CUSD for facilities (Prop 39 Request) and negotiate a revised Facilities Use Agreement (FUA)

3. Enrollment – Retaining and attracting students to our school

4. 1010 Cleveland Property

  • finish renovation, grand opening, set policy for use of the space

5. Teacher Retention (raises, training, educational support)

6. Improve Fundraising Efforts (strategically)

7. Cultivate positive relationships with Chapman (school & neighborhood)

8. Complete Communications Plan

9. Complete Phase 1 of Operational Plan

10. Begin Strategic Planning Process

The Board has identified specific and measurable goals to the ends above and our Board Committees have already started implementing strategies to achieve these goals over the course of the school year.